Denise Wilson’s influences stem from her early obsessions with culture & travel. These influences were further enhanced after receiving a scholarship to study fine arts in Florence, Italy. It was there that she developed a particular interest in the merging of old and new – both in aesthetic & technique.

Although her formal studies were focused on painting & printmaking, there was always a desire to push the boundaries & explore: to not be restricted by the medium. Working with leather was a natural and unplanned progression from hand stitching her own sketch books with reclaimed & scrap leather.

Denise works intuitively, constantly responding to chance encounters and utilizing unexpected materials & processes in her work. Art, design, travel, language and other cultures continue to influence and inspire her work.

Bronsino Designs for Living pays homage to the 16th century Florentine artist Agnolo Bronzino and the home of her husband's family on Bronsino Street in Lima, Peru. The finely crafted bags, belts, journals and accessories from the Bronsino collection are classically inspired works of art produced in very limited numbers.