• Image of Luna II - Convertible Belt/Crossbody Bag

Our Luna II Convertible Belt/Crossbody Bag.
Can be worn as a crossbody bag or a belt bag/fanny pack/waist bag.

8 3/8” x 9 5/8”

This is the latest evolution of a bag we started making way back in 2005... May have even been earlier.

Our Chelsea Clutches first appeared as as unlined simple multi use clutch/pouch. It has gone through several renditions in different sizes; folded; not folded; as a cross body bag; a wallet ; a wristlet ... and in 2016 at the Circle Craft summer market an idea came to fruition. The belt bag. We’d played around with putting our Chelsea bags on belt straps - but we wanted something even more simple. More organic. We’d been contemplating a strap that attached permanently on one end yet left a lot of versatility but hadn’t quite figured out how we wanted to do it. Then the right customer came along. She chose one of our mini Chelsea Crossbody bags & was wondering if we had the same idea but as a belt bag. Long story a little shorter - I detached one side of the strap for her so she could try it around her waste. She loved it! We started intentionally making them that way.
We still make the Chelsea bags (all of them) and for the spring of 2018 we debuted our Luna bags. A half moon shape in the style of the Chelseas.
Our Luna II is the latest version. Slightly different shape. Fully lined. Strap converts easily from Crossbody to belt bag.... and the same strap works for multiple sizes. The long strap allows you to wear the bag long across the body or around the smallest waist.

All handmade. All fully lined.

Also available in other colours - mostly one of a kind.

Please inquire.

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